This issue’s question: Why do you wear locs?

This issue’s question: Why do you wear locs?

Was it a dare? Was it something you did after years of contemplation? Was it a reinvention of yourself? We want to know why you wear locs.

For me, it was after years of contemplation, admiration and procrastination. I admired the style for years. I’ve thought about it. I put it off for a little while once I made up my mind. Then I took the plunge. I had my hair in two strand twists and spent an entire night and most of the next day taking it down in the loctician’s chair and went back the next day to finish my starter loc stitch. Looking back, it was worth it. I wear locs because they are an extension of my inner self. I’ve had other styles, but none have looked as beautiful as locs.

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3 thoughts on “This issue’s question: Why do you wear locs?

  1. Why I wear lochs.
    After wearing my hair relaxed since I was 4, and watching my hair constantly break out, I grew tired. At this point my own daughter was 3 and my mother was insisting I relax her hair, because of course only then would it be “so pretty.”

    I thought about this in relation to the cost of my relaxer plus weave (for those times when the relaxer took my hair out), and my relaxer plus braids, (’cause the African-braiders couldn’t braid my hair without it,) and the impact of the relaxer on my scalp, (and all o the misdiagnosed alopecia…) which was just relaxer doing it’s thing on my scalp. After a couple of years with a natural stylist who did my 2 strand twists my hair grew back, and with full force without the relaxer. Every time I walked in the natural stylist would say “you got a lotta hair.” This was new to me because the constant breakage had me thinking I just didn’t have hair. It also surprised me the rate it grew now that I had taken away the bondage imposed by the chemicals. Moreover, each time we would unravel the 2 strand twists, my hair would be locked just a little bit around the base, after only 6 weeks. During this time I was also watching the beauty and acceptance of all types of natural hair in that particular salon (Amazon in Chicago.) I discussed it with the Senior loctician, cut off the balance of the relaxer and took the plunge.

    I was told it would be a spiritual journey. A journey it was. But that is yet another topic.
    Why do I wear lochs…
    because God made my hair this way…

  2. Why do I wear locs? I’m 50yrs young and i have worn my hair natural the majority of my life. Of course i went thru the relaxer phase but I soon realized it wasn’t for me and began wearing my hair natural.I went back and forth between the braids and short afro ( my favorite). 16 yrs ago the sister that braid my hair ask me to be her tester for a new loc technique, I agreed, because it was no big deal for me to cut my hair if I didn’t like it. As it turned out, I loved it and my hair has been loc’d since. And yes, it has been a journey, as Kerstyn said. I got a lot of flac from people as tho why I did my hair like that. But I was use to it because I heard the same for wearing my hair in a skin short afro. My daughter, who is 16 yrs old, ask me to loc her hair. She’s been wearing locs about 5 yrs now

  3. I contemplated locs for 2 yrs before I actually got them. I’d wanted to go natural hair since I was in high school, and when I went to college I was exposed to people with lovely locs. I needed a style that I could manage myself and that reflected my personality and values. Once I started, I was taken on a journey of rediscovering myself and redefining my sense of beauty.

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