Missing Lauryn Hill

We’re redesigning the home page of Loc’d Life Magazine www.locdlife.com. We hope to bring all the content we have plus new articles in a new format. This change will help to keep our site updated with fresh content. We apologize for the delay, but I hope to get it up as soon as possible. Hang tight.

In the meantime, this post remembers Lauryn Hill. Who can forget her? Her locs set trends that even today, people are trying to emulate. Her style and her meteoric rise up the charts was probably one the fastest  and brightest loc stories out there. I believe she wears a natural now. I sure miss her locs. I’ve posted some pictures remembering her trendsetting style.

The redesign is on the way, possibly by week’s end. We hope that this facelift to www.locdlife.com will get more content out to you regularly. If you have some loc news, email us at gmitchell@locdlife.com or info@locdlife.com.


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