The Loc Hawk

Photo by Chescalocs

If you missed it, we posted two new stories on last week. Check them out (they’re at the top of the list).

Looking for a holiday hair style? Try a loc hawk.

It can be as simple as clipping your hair to the center using bobby pins or decorated clips:
1. Sweep your hair to one side towards the top of your head, leaving a channel for your “hawk”. Clip in sections as you go.
2. Sweep up the other side up towards the top in a similar fashion, also applying clips as you go.
3. Continue backward towards the neck.
4. The loc hawk can either hang loose, or be curled with rods.

Or, you can try it by doing a series of buns, as in this video by Chescalocs (
1. Start with parting a triangle section towards the front. Gather, roll into a twist and wrap the twisted locs around the base of that section. Secure with a rubberband. Tuck any loose locs into this rubberband or place a new one to tuck them into.
2. Repeat in small sections, placing the buns at the top and center until you reach the back.
3. You can continue to place the last section in a bun, or gather into a ponytail with a rubberband and hang loose.

Either way, you have a loc hawk—a style that people will remember.

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