Loc krinkles!

Happy New Year!

If you missed it, we posted two stories on www.locdlife.com this week, including one on knits fashion designer Ladene Clark and reggae star Alison Hinds. Check them out today!

This post comes directly from Nubian Kinks in Brooklyn, NY. Kim Brown expertly shows how to do krinkle curls on locs using her product line—in particular Nubian Kinks Loc Pomade. She has graciously granted us permission to post it here. (Thank you!)

These loc krinkles are easy to achieve, even if you’re doing them yourself. Take a look and try this new texture for your locs. For information on the products shown, visit www.nubiankinksproducts.com


One thought on “Loc krinkles!

  1. I just did a braid out/krinkle set using her method. I believe this video is one of the best illustrations out there. I haven’t ordered her products because I heard they take a long time to come and I don’t like my money out there like that. Thanks for posting.

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