Celebrities who cut their locs

It’s a new year, and here at Loc’d Life Magazine, we would never think about parting with our locs. Alas, these celebs started 2011 (and went part of if not all of 2010) without their locs. Why? For various reasons. Here’s a roundup that I’ve been able to come up with. If you know of others, please drop me a note! Also watch www.locdlife.com this week for new postings!

1. Keith Hamilton Cobb
We swooned over him in the soaps. He took us to another world with his sci-fi work. And we loved his gorgeous locs. Alas, he’s done the big chop of a different sort. He now wears a close-cut Ceasar.

2. Kim Fields
Kim’s platinum locs were electric. She took the stage by storm both in front of and behind the camera. At the age of 40, she decided to do something different.

3. Malcolm Jamal Warner
He’s also done the big chop. He was known for his locs after the Cosby Show. He now wears a close cut natural.

4. Goapele
This singer, whose name means to move forward in Setswana (a Southern African language), did just so by cutting her locs. She now wears a cornrowed style.

5. Lauryn Hill
Who can forget Lauryn Hill who is rumoured to start a new album soon. We miss her trademark locs. She now wears a natural fro.

6. Bilal
He, too, has cut his locs for a new vibe. This neo-soul singer now wears a close-cropped natural.

7. Busta Rhymes
This hip-hop star cut his locs in 2005, which he’s had since 1989. He now wears a close-cropped Caesar cut.

8. India.Arie
She started out her career telling us that she was not the average girl from your video. She gave us the anthem, I Am Not My Hair. Today, she still rocks the natural look, but with braids and twists.
Don’t forget about us in 2011! We still have our locs, and we’ll bring the best of locs to you at www.locdlife.com

Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

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