It’s starting…

If you missed it this week, we posted two new stories on More to come soon…

In this posting we look at locs in the media. Yes, its starting. Locs are making the mainstream. Check out these ads that I’ve seen:

1. Locafella at
Number one is the website for Razac products and their loc maintenance product line Locafella. I love the motto: “Natural hair was never a trend.” The main image is a group of men shown from different professions—all with locs: a doctor, a musician, a fireman, a businessman and youth culture. Nice looking guys, nice images.

2. Family Dollar
I almost screamed when I saw this in my mail. It was a nice image of mom with locs, providing dinner for her family (for less!) (BTW, this place is great to shop to keep your budget in line. I have never seen a lower price for laundry detergent!)

3. T-Mobile
This is an ad highlighting their Family Plan. A great image of diversity.

4. Amtrak
This ad features two professional women talking on the train, one with long, flowing locs. (Is that Charlayne Hunter-Gault?) Again, a very nice image showing diversity.

I am still on the lookout for a Citibank Ad/Poster that I saw in bank lobby about 4 years ago. This was of a woman with locs sitting outside with her dog. (This image helped inspire me to get locs.) If anyone has a picture of it out there, send it

I’ll continue to be on the lookout. If you see any, tell us about it, and we’ll feature it in an upcoming post. Locs are yet another expression of how African Americans wear their hair. I’m glad that companies are finally beginning to realize it, too!

Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

One thought on “It’s starting…

  1. I am so excited about the world finally seeing the tru beauty of African americans natural hair whether it’s locs , twist, braids, coils, Afros , or tight curls it beautiful!

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