Fighting Hair Loss

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You’ve transitioned your way from relaxers to a healthier locstyle. You’ve moisturized, eaten right, yet little-by-little your locs start to thin or break off altogether. What to do? Here’s a list of the major causes of hair loss and some solutions…

Traction alopecia. This condition is caused by simply pulling locs back too tightly. Ponytails, too-tight updos, tight braided and other styles where there’s too much tension at the root can cause breakage at the hairline or at the nape. Rest your hair by wearing it down, or wear looser ponytails.

Friction. Friction is a major source of hair loss along the nape or right where your wool coat, turtlenecks or abrasive sweaters meet your locs. Try to wear a scarf over these items to protect them.

Male pattern baldness. Some believe that male pattern baldness is tied to increased testosterone levels. A high-fat, meat-based diet raises testosterone levels, and that may adversely affect hair follicles. Eating low-fat foods may not stop hair loss; but it might help slow down the hair loss.

Anemia. Anemia is a frequent cause of hair loss. Eat plenty of iron-rich foods, like whole grain cereals, dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, dates, and raisins.

Thyroid dysfunction. If hair loss is due to hyper-or hypo-thyroidism, eat more foods rich in vitamin A and iodine. Eat vegetables such as carrots or spinach in unrefined, cold-pressed seed oils such as flax, walnut or pumpkin seed and sea salt. Try turnips, cabbage, mustard, soy beans, peanuts, pine nuts and millet if there is a deficiency of iodine. Beware: too much vitamin A can cause hair loss.

Alopecia. Alopecia is the loss of hair caused by different reasons, including damage to the hair shaft or follicles. Fungal infections can also cause hair loss. There are two main types of alopecia: alopecia areata, when the body’ s immune system attacks hair follicles and causes hair to fall out, and androgenetic alopecia, an inherited form of hair loss. With alopecia areata, hair can fall out in patches all over the body. With androgenetic alopecia, hair on the head thins and falls out. Hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia is permanent.

Another remedy to try: silica. Organic silica added to shampoo was found to help prevent baldness, stimulate healthier hair growth and assure beautiful shine, luster and strength.

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