Loc Updo of the Week!

If you missed it, we posted a story on loc jewelry this week on www.locdlife.com. Read on about how to make your locs sparkle… Watch this week for more stories.

I saw this updo online and was  stopped cold by its beauty. Then I wondered how do you achieve this regal style. It seems that medium-length to long locs are swept up to the crown and to the side and parted into small ponytails onto one side of the head with rubberbands. Then the lengths are twisted and then wrapped around to create individual buns. Each is secured to the base with bobby pins. Keep repeating until you get this beautiful result.

If you have strong arms you can do this yourself, or print it out for your loctician. Either way, it’s a style that will turn heads!

Did we mention that our magazine has a workout page and a salmon recipe to nourish your locs from within? Get the mag for only $5. www.locdlife.com (Click on the link at the right to go directly there.)

From the collection the Pursuit of Nappiness on display at Casa Frela Gallery, Manhattan, NY.


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