Loc Style with Royal Closet

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The latest in fashion: timeless style. That’s the vibe at Royal Closet, a line of women’s clothing designed by Sabreen Sabur: dresses, hats, and other pieces that use stitched edges, earthy patterns, flowing fabrics and constructed pieces for a easy look. We talked to her about her fashions and about how locs go so well with her designs.

What is Royal Closet?
Royal Closet is what I call Afro, Funko, Spaceo; Afro being from the Motherland, Funko for the hip woman of color and space-o because its timeless—any age group can wear them.

How did you get started?
I started selling pieces for myself. People would always ask me, “Where did I get what I had on?” My first husband encouraged me. I would go to outdoor festivals and hang a few pieces in the trees. After a while they’d be gone.

You also wear locs. How did you decide on them?
I’ve been wearing locs 20 years. I needed to do something natural after wearing braids. I always admired Nubian curls. I started them at one inch long, and I have loved every style of growing locs. I loved them from when I had a shorter hairdo to when they got to my waist. I cut them off to about shoulder length. That’s the length I feel works best for me.

I think my clothing compliments locs. My clothes have a deconstructed, constructed look, stylish but not prissy, a lot of detail, but not going for perfection. It’s a natural look in dressing like locs. You may find strings and tassels in my pieces, kind of like locs. About 85-95% of my clients have locs. They see the connection.

Any advice on loc’dom?
Keep your locs moisturized. Locs have a tendency to thin. They can dry and break off. The more I moisturize, the more hair growth I get. I use natural ingredients, like olive oil, sesame seed oil and avocado oil. My locs are more pliable and more healthy.

Check out her facebook page to see more of her designs or on how to order. Click on the photos for a virtual fashion show!

Tip of the week: Versatility. Always try to change it up. Check out our lovely model Mayla Jefferson-Manigal and her styles in these shots and above. Remember, locs are a versatile as you are!


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