Loc Appreciation Day

One of our fellow bloggers of locs, Qochemist, has created a new loc holiday— June 25 as Loc Appreciation Day. It is our day to wear our locs with pride.

While everyday is Loc Appreciation Day here at Loc’d Life Magazine, we are happy about the idea and will take part.

When I’m out and about, telling people about Loc’d Life, people are happy about the exchange. I have seen locs in all lengths and colors. I’ve heard a lot of loc stories. I have also heard about trials and tribulations: “They broke off,” or “I don’t know what color to use,” or “I cut them off, and I miss them.”

People with locs face a lot of stereotypes. I won’t go into all of them here, but you know the main ones. This is a day to bust the myths and show our pride and beauty.

People with locs face a lot of questions and curiosity. This is a day to answer those questions. Wear your most beautiful style. Go to your loctician. If you have a loc tshirt, wear it. We want people to wonder what’s going on. (“I saw so many locs today!”)

People with locs face acceptance. Yes, locs are more popular now, but it can be an uphill battle on the job, at home or anywhere where natural hair is not celebrated. Wear your best style, anyway.

Spread the word. Maybe wear a certain color shirt in your area. Get together with friends and plan a loc party. Do a meetup online. What ever you do, just go out and tell others about your pride in your hair.

And tell us your locstory. Reply to the blog below or send an email as soon as possible to info@locdlife.com. We would like to post a page of stories in honor of Loc Appreciation Day, Saturday, June 25. For more information (and t-shirts you can wear) on Loc Appreciation Day, visit http://www.youtube.com/user/qochemist.







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