Loc Appreciation Day, your comments


Here’s one submission from our calls for loc stories. Where’s yours? You can submit yours to info@locdlife.com. We would like to post a page with your comments.

I am a newbie loc’er. I installed my locs with the two strand twists on May 6, 2011 🙂 It’s been over 1 month, and I can’t even begin to complain.

I am a Junior in High School and I have always wanted locs. In 6th grade I almost decided to do it. However, I went to an all white school, whose members didn’t even like my braids. I chickened out. I mean I chickened out so bad I cried and caused my family all kinds of stress. The pressure to fit in at my all white school was ridiculous. I mean don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of friends but the ‘requirements’ in order to fit in were too much for me to handle.

So in 7th & 8th grade I started to get relaxers on the regular. Beforehand my hair (all natural) was down my back, way, way long. But I decided to cut it super short, those chic actress type styles I let it grow out again a little bit. THEN I realized my hair wouldn’t grow! It literally had stopped at my shoulders and wouldn’t grow any further.

SO I said BUMP THAT! I transitioned for 2 years, hair grew, and I said LOC ME UP! I didn’t care anymore what anyone thought. I still go to an all white school, in fact, I can count on two hands how many colored people there are at my school. However the difference is, I know that my hair doesn’t make me. I make the hair. They ask questions, some give looks, some smile and say that’s awesome! I say…I love my hair, my locs have installed a lifetime worth of confidence in me. Happy Loc Appreciation Day..

 —xoxo Jazzmyn 

Thank you, Jazzmyn. I, too, know what it’s like to be the only African American in my class. I admire your strength and your courage. You are also very fortunate to have found that confidence now. Many spend a lifetime trying to achieve it. Keep on keeping on. Love your locs. Love your hair. Love you for who you are.

Send us your loc stories this week to info@locdlife.com and celebrate Loc Appreciation Day this Saturday, June 25.


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