Summer on the scene

The couple that locs together stays together. Sisterlocks for the woman
and traditional locs for the man.

This past 4th of July weekend, Loc’d Life Magazine had a booth at the Festival of Life in Chicago’s Washington Park. You stopped by with some great styles. We also noticed great-looking locs around town. Here’s a roundup of some of your hottest looks. No one does locs better than you do!

^Twisted updo
This style started with a center part from nape to forehead. Each half was rolled into a twist toward the front, with the ends twisted into a bun in front and secured with pins. The result: a style that’s a great way to beat the heat.

^Braid it back
This style is a great way to frame the face in the summer sun. Locs are grouped, sectioned off and braided back in five cornrows towards the crown. The back is left loose to gracefully flaunt the length.

^Back with a twist
This man’s style is created by sectioning large parts of locs into one French braid towards the back. The back section at the nape is left loose.

^Fun ponytail
This style was created by parting locs horizontally just below the crown. The front section is gathered into a high ponytail and secured with a covered rubber band. The back is left loose. This is a great style for growing locs that have enough length for a first updo.

^Gathered back
This men’s loc style was created by gradually pulling loc sections back and securing each with two locs loosely tied. The front is pulled back with some height at the forehead to create the first section. Repeat two times towards the nape.

^Simply laid back
This medium-length loc style is worn back to frame the face. This is another style that helps beat summer’s heat.

Keep on wearing those great loc looks. We’ll be out there noticing! Watch for an interview with Chicago poet Awthentik, soon on

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