Fast moisture fixes for locs

World music singer Sara Tavares enjoys summer's sun with beautiful locs. Photo by Ricardo Oliveira Alves.

Summer’s here and loc care shouldn’t be any easier than wash-and-go. So why are they still dry? No time for the long loc rituals of care that you did during the winter? Here’s a roundup of what you can do quickly or through multi-tasking to get locs that are supple, soft to the touch and healthy:

1. Air dry your locs. If you used a hooded dryer all winter, let t air dry this summer. Not only is it much cooler, but more efficient. Towel dry to remove excess water, smooth with moisturizing product or oil, and go about your day. Your locs will thank you for it. (Tip: let it air dry during the day, NOT at night. As you lay on wet locs, they could lose their cylindrical shape, and if they don’t get a chance to fully air dry, you could risk mildew in your locs.)

2. Night-time hot oil treatments. Soak your locs in olive oil at night, apply a shower cap, then shampoo in morning. Your locs will lock in more moisture. Get in a good-night’s sleep and a hot oil treatment at the same time.

3. Consider a moisturizing mist. A spray oil elixir or a moisture mist can work wonders in softening dry, brittle locs. Spray from arm’s length and allow the mist to penetrate each loc. Don’t over saturate; a light mist will do.

4. Don’t use a lot of products. When it comes to locs, simplicity is best. Use a good, mild shampoo. Find a quick moisturizing conditioner. Moisturize with a good oil. Let it air dry. Add a little oil between shampoos as needed to combat dryness. That’s it.

5. Tie your locs up. If you don’t tie your hair up with a satiny scarf, a Loc Soc, or something silky (No cotton. It will zap your locs’ moisture.), you will awaken with dry, straw-like strands in the morning. It won’t be pretty.

Remember, no time doesn’t not have to mean neglect.

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