Try this loc updo, and I’d like to have fries with that

Get this regal look to cool off in the hot summer sun!

One of our readers wrote in and asked us how to recreate this loc beehive, worn so beautifully by soca singer, Alison Hinds. We talked to master loctician Simone Wilson of Love of Locks in Chicago to help us demystify this style. This style is complex, but it can be done with a little bit of determination. Here’s how:

1. Start with shoulder-length or longer locs. Do an inverted braid 1/4 of the way up (as if you bent over and french-braided your locs up towards the crown). One quarter of the way is around the bottom line of your ears.

2. Start in small sections from the left and wrap the loose locs around the head, covering the braid and pulling tightly for a smooth look. Secure with a bobby pin that is the same color as your locs.

3. Continue until the braid is completely covered and all loose locs are wrapped around tightly and secured. You’ll want your most bulky area to be the height at the crown.

If you’re totally baffled, print this article out (with the picture) and take it to Love of Locs or your local loctician. They’ll know how to recreate it. Tell them Loc’d Life Magazine sent you!

Side note: A change in our advertising media is happening! Kudos to the McDonald’s Corporation for featuring a male model with locs in its Drinkcessorize billboard campaign. The ads feature two poses of a brother with locs styling with his beverage of choice. Way to go Mickey D’s!

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