Can’t get to the loctician yet? Here’s how to survive

Tie a lovely headband around your new growth like this one of a kind found at Lotus Roots.

You know that time. When you have a lot of new growth and can’t get to a loctician. Loctician all booked up? Can’t afford to go there yet? Here are some camouflaging tricks so that you can get by till you get there…

Use a headband. Tying on a scarf or headband is a stylish way to disguise new growth. Some options, a Loc Soc or any satiny or silky scarf. Just wear it around the edges, or with the Loc Soc, there’s more options on how to wear for versatility.

Color your hair. If your hair is color treated, this would be a good time to touch up the new growth. Your roots won’t look as bad when they’ve blended in with your other hair color. Remember to rinse, rinse, rinse.

Do part of it yourself. You can be your own loctician and if you are pressed for time, just use a loc gel and twist the roots of the locs around the front and top. If you do a loc stitch stitch the roots of the locs in front, sides and top.

Keep it oiled. If your new growth is dry as well as your locs, you’ll have a hot looking mess on your hands. Keeping it oiled will go a long way.

Wear it in a ponytail. Pull your locs back in a ponytail and in effect, pull your roots straight—just don’t do it too tight. A tip within a tip: pull your locs back in a ponytail before your shower. Tie on a scarf and use a shower cap. When emerging from the shower, remove the scarf. You’ll find that the steam of the shower has helped to press the roots closer to your scalp temporarily.

Try these tips when you’re between touchups. You’ll survive this not-so-pretty loc stage with ease.

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