Frizzy locs?

I moved from southern to northern California a year ago, and since I’ve been here, almost immediately, I have gotten frizzy locs. I never had them before and I have a huge problem keeping them in check. My hair has been loc’d for 11 years. Can you recommend anything to keep my locs groomed for more than two days?  I would really appreciate the help.

I did some research on your climate in Northern California, and it is probably damp, foggy and humid in your area—the perfect conditions for a case of the frizzies. In your case it seems long lasting.

Your frizzies may be the result of your hair texture. Softer, finer hair textures tend to frizz more easily, meaning frustrating shampoos and loc maintenance sessions that don’t seem to last. Here are some things that you can do:

Make sure you condition your locs, and keep your loc moisture up. I have found that when hair is dry, it draws moisture from the air, resulting in frizz. Finding a good conditioner is a must. Try a hot oil treatment.

Use a good locking gel, and twist and wrap and sit under a dryer. Notice when you go to the loctician for loc maintenance, you’ll get your new growth retwisted. Then you’ll sit under the dryer for a while. Some loc gel products call for this on the label. You may need to use a gel for more resistant hair. Jamaican Mango and Lime has such a product. After your shampoo, palm roll the roots with the gel, and use a little to work through the shaft of the loc as well. Sit under a dryer, and this will allow the locs to set.

Braid your locs. Try a braided style after your shampoo for a few days, then take it it down. You should be frizz free for a few days afterwards.

Ask your loctician about pruning. Pruning is where the frizz is literally cut from the shaft with scissors. This should be done by a professional.

2 thoughts on “Frizzy locs?

  1. i also recently moved 2 N.California (Bay Area)…do you maintain your own locs…or go to a shop???i have yet 2 find some1 i am 100% satisfied with…any recommendations???

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