Bantu, baby

A regal style. This picture is from

Bantu knots remind me  of the African queens in the days of old. Wear them and you’ll look regal too.

1. Start with freshly shampooed hair or on dry hair misted with a water/ essential oil solution or setting lotion. (The dry method can be used to set locs into a curly style overnight.)

2. Depending on the thickness of locs, Take locs 3-5 strands at a time, and roll and twist from root to ends.  Hold the section about an inch from the scalp as you do this to reduce tension on the scalp. Wrap any shorter locs around the twist. Don’t twist too tight.

(If you’re able, this style looks great with a triangle part pattern. The triangles will determine how many locs are in a section.)

3. Wrap hair around near the base until the entire roll is wrapped around into a ball. Tuck the ends under the Bantu ball. If needed, you can also secure with pins.

4. Make Bantu knots all over your head, or if you’d like, just half of your head with the back hanging loose. You can also do this with a loc hawk, bringing all your hair towards the middle. Your parts would be different for this style

5. If done after a shampoo, sit under the dryer for about 45 minutes to dry.

Voila, your Bantu locs are ready for the world. Added bonus: take down the knots and you have a curly style that will last for a few days. To dress them up, add hair jewels or shells.

A regal style that reflects you!

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