Loc notes

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Check out the Mamayashi Collection, designed by 26-year-old Jamaican-born Tieka. Zippers, graphic appliqués, bright colors and jersey knits all combine to create interesting pieces that are uniquely you. Her funky designs are the hit of Jamaica, New York and is making the rounds worldwide on the fashion scene. We’ve featured her before last year. And, of course, she wears locs. What better way to express show off your locs with style. View some of her latest designs here. For information, visit http://www.mamayashi.com

We’ve talked about the benefits of coconut oil. Now here’s a quick tip. Use it as a pre-poo conditioner or as a heated treatment after your shampoo. Use organic coconut oil and heat it slightly or let it emulsify (melt) in your hands. Apply to your locs and cover with a shower cap. Rinse and your locs will thank you for it. One to try: Barlean’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, around $10 at Whole Foods or on various sites online.

Speaking of shower caps, what do you do when your locs have reached new lengths? Run out of options? Try the Celestial Crowns shower caps, designed with a little flair and for longer hair (locs). Margie Cattouse, owner of Celestial Comforter, LLC started her shower cap company in 2008. She says it best: “Here, were the descendents of Kings and Queens, using garbage bags, dry cleaners plastic, multiple unreliable shower caps, playing dodge the shower nozzle and other innovative methods, in an attempt to avoid getting their treasured locs wet. I decided to design a better mousetrap, making a shower cap that would be sturdier, more attractive and mindful of price. My optimum goal is to have everyone in the natural hair community world-wide owning at least one “Celestial Crowns Shower Cap”, never again donning a garbage bag.” Visit http://www.mycelestialsouls.com to order.

2 thoughts on “Loc notes

  1. I’ve been so remiss Loc’d Life (smh)… Your blog has generated several customers.. most recently from Canada. I am stopping my world to take this opportunity to simply say THANK YOU and THANK YOU AGAIN and YOUR SUBSCRIBERS for their SUPPORT!!! Much gratitude and I wish you all…
    continued Bountiful Blessings
    Margie L. Cattouse
    Celestial Comforter, LLC
    (Home of Celestial Crowns Shower Caps)

    • Thank you for reaching out to us so that we could feature you. I believe you offer a vital product to our readers. My locs aren’t super long yet, but I found out how there’s really no options for shower caps for those with longer locs. Thank you!

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