Secrets of the Basketweave

The basketweave, courtesy of Amazon Natural Essentials, Chicago

If you have locs, you’ve seen it before: an elaborate updo, either flat-twisted up the back or the front in a criss-cross pattern, known as the basketweave.

It seems like a difficult process at first glance, creating such an elaborate sustained pattern for even half of the head. It’s a lot easier than you think.

Here’s how to do it: You start with two small sections, one on both sides of your hair (try it on the front first so that you can see it in action). Bring one section over the center to the other side. Cross the other section over the other to the opposite side. That creates the beginning of the pattern. Continue by picking up another section from the opposite side, and bring up and over the previous pattern. Do the same with the opposite side to create another criss-cross. Continue upwards towards the crown or to the nape. You can finish the style with a bun at the back, or you can stop at the crown, leaving the back to hang free. This style looks great with a cascade of curly locs emerging from the basketweave.

This is a relatively easy technique, explained. I found this video online that explains it further. (Thanks to xtina8810 for the video! A great job on your first loc tutorial.)

Try it for your next updo.

Note: Last week we received the Fabulocs Loc Binding Butter in the mail (already!) We will try it out this week. We placed it on one loc and was amazed at the amount of shine it produced! Look for our review!


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