The Harriet Experiment

Imagine a year-long journey to transform yourself to your natural you. Imagine a celebration as you launch your transformation. Imagine being filmed during your transformation.

This is the Harriet Experiment (, a year-long journey into natural hair. The name is derived from our beloved ancestor Harriet Tubman, who took slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad.

Those who join have access to affordable monthly natural hair salon appointments and consultations, access to exclusive workshops, a reserved seat at a New Year’s Eve “Chop-A-Thon” for those ready for a complete transition from relaxers, tickets to a New Year’s Eve Embarkation Launch Ball, an ending celebration on December 31, 2012 and your year documented through film and photos. Members take a pledge to celebrate their natural beauty.

The Chicago-based Harriet Experiment is the brain child of natural stylist Emon Fowler, owner of Sarah Bellum Natural Hair Suite in Chicago. See the above video and join the community at Tell them that Loc’d Life sent you!

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