A celebration of locs


Looking for a holiday style? Just want to see how versatile locs are? Check out these videos I found online that celebrate the beauty of locs. Take a screen capture to your loctician today if you’ve found the style for you. Thanks go out to Fantasista for your good eye for the best loc styles. If you’re photo or style is featured, send us a how-to at info@locdlife.com and we’ll feature it!

BTW: One more product I forgot to mention from last week’s regimen. I also use Products of the Earth Whipped Shea Butter in Frankincense during the week to moisturize my locs. It smells so good, it’s the perfect compliment for the holidays. I also use it for my skin.

Loc Gift Guide: Part I

Looking for books for yourself or for that loc’d person in your life? These books discuss locs exclusively. (There are a lot of other great titles that talk about natural hair in general.) All of these titles are available through Amazon.com or through your local bookseller. Check out these titles for all you need to know:

Locs for Life: The Root to Well Being for African-American Women
Have you ever thought about locking your African textured/type hair? Are you afraid what others will say or think about you? Do you need a guide to help you through the process? Do you already have Locs/Locks/Dreads and need style/care ideas or encouragement from other sisters who have? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then “Locs For Life: The Root to Well Being for African American Women” is the book for you! It is an easy read with a plethora of stories outlining the journey of hair locking. Topics such as colorism, racism, beauty standards and other social issues are candidily discussed. What is most unique about this book is that the writer, Kalimah Johnson, prepares you for the emotional/spiritual aspects of hair locking. Johnson is Masters Level Social Worker and uses those tools to discuss this topic from a sensitive and comprehensive standpoint. Her expertise and courageous efforts will provide you with all the tools, power and knowledge you will need to inspire you to wear your hair out in the world “as is”.

Nice Dreads: Hair Care Basics and Inspiration for Colored Girls Who’ve Considered Locking Their Hair Perfect for women who want dreadlocks but aren’t sure how to start, or for those who’ve already started and want to know the best ways to keep hair healthy, Nice Dreads can help you grow your own lovely locks. From preparing for the haircut to everyday maintenance, Lonnice Brittenum Bonner tells you exactly what to expect, while photographs illustrate each stage of growth and showcase mature dreads in all their glory.

Dreads Dreads captures this organic explosion of hair in all its beautiful, subversive glory. One hundred duotone portraits present dread-heads from around the world, in all walks of life. By Francesco Mastalia, Alfonse Pagano and an introduction by Alice Walker.

The Knotty Truth: Creating Beautiful Locks on a Dime!: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Locks Looking for a loc bible? This comprehensive manual is a text book that guides the professional and novice through the intricate process of installing, growing, maintaining and designing locks holistically at home or in the salon. It is an excellent resource for students and hairstylsists wanting a better understanding of the holistic approach to hair care and dreadlocks. By M. Michele George.

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