Role Models Part 2: Evin Marie

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In the second of our series, we talk to Evin Marie, one of our first models, who graciously modeled her versatile locstyle for one of our first stories (see Urban Mix on And she worked it! With flair, style and grace, she wowed us with her poses and her creativity (she did her own hair for us during the shoot!). Here’s a little more about one of our Role Models…

Tell me about yourself.
I am really a playwright. My company is Making Room Productions. I typically produce plays with a socially profound message. One is “Blotch”, a play on HIV/AIDS awareness, which was contracted by the Taproots Foundation.  This wasn’t my first shoot. One of my photographer friends asked me to model before.

How long have you worn locs?
For about 4 years. I do a loc stitch with a latch hook. Kind of like sisterlocks. I had a great loctician who started me off and gave me a good foundation, but I typically do my own hair.

Have you found that you’ve gotten more or less modeling (or other jobs) with locs?
Because of the nature of the work I do, when I’m not writing, I’m a teaching artist for over 10 years. I never had issues with my natural hair. By the grace of God, it is not affected my employment, but I have never done a corporate job. I think the thing that helped me in some ways were that my hair was a conversation starter. Young women, women in college would ask me about whether or not to get locs. I am like a counselor.

What are your loc tips?
Don’t do a lot of products. Sometimes people look at natural hair as something more complicated than it is. Use natural oils. Keep them wrapped up at night. Be kind to your hair, and don’t overprocess it. It doesn’t take a lot of acrobatics to keep it healthy.

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