Loc style roundup

1. Courtesy Sandria Washington; 2. http://www.dreadmama.net; 3. http://www.blacknaturalhairstyles.com; 4 & 5: essence.com; 6. Verve Music; 7: holisticlocs.com

Be versatile! Here’s a roundup of go-to styles (found on the web) for everyday for that special occasion.

1. The Loc Hawk. This style comes is a varied as Bantu knots down the middle to loops that cascade down the center. Try this style for a twist.

2. Bantu knots. Take a section of locs  Twist them then wrap them around the base and secure with a bobbi pin. Do this with several sections and you have a style that can be as elegant as a formal soireé or as down-to-earth as a day just hanging out.

3. The Bob. After years of mature locs, some want to do something different. The Bob is a great way to try something new. It’s not starting from scratch and it’s still versatile.

4. Curls, Curls, Curls. Locs freshly done in curls are just strikingly gorgeous. You can use pipe cleaners, rods, or just by braiding it for a beautiful head of waves.

5. Loc Bun. A tightly done loc bun is also at the top of the list of elegant styles. Whether it’s up high or at the nape, it looks great. Try with a few loose locs on either side, curled with perm rods.

6. The Ledisi. This elegant updo which explodes in the front with a twisty cluster of coils is made famous by the singer of the same name. This could be flat twisted towards the front and secured coils with bobbi pins at the front. It’s a style as varied as you want it.

7. Sideswept locs. This can be a striking style with maximum impact. A simple style with a lot of impact. Again, this can be done in various ways.

These are just some all the styles possible with locs. The possibilities are endless.

4 thoughts on “Loc style roundup

  1. i like the loc’d bob! i am considering locing my boys’ hair, can you give me some advice on how to get started. by the way, love this blog, would you like to do a link exchange with me?

    • Updos work (either full or partial) for thinner locs. Try alternating days with your locs down with updos. This will mask any thinness. Until then, consult your loctician for what can be done to thicken them.

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