It’s time to get active!

What better time than spring to renew your vow to start an active lifestyle.

But what to do with your locs?

Locs and exercise are one of the best marriages around. It’s a wash and go style that, if properly maintained, will be your ally during your most strenuous of workouts. Here’s some tips to keep not only you but your locs in shape:

  • Shampoo with a  moisturizing shampoo and make sure to target the scalp area first. Perspiration releases salt, which is drying to locs and scalp. You will need to wash this away to stop dryness and odor.
  • Wear your locs in a ponytail or in some style that’s off your face. You’ll feel cooler.
  • If pressed for time, a water rinse can work—just make sure you target your roots and scalp to remove the salt from sweat. You can follow with a full shampooing session later.
  • A quick moisturizer: a scented, whipped shea butter application after towel drying will work wonders in softening your locs.
  • Shampoo only once for quick shampoos. You can follow with a two-shampoo session later on.
  • Try to apply an essential oil to the roots and along the shaft for optimal moisture.
  • Drink plenty of water to replenish your body’s fluid loss and also to moisturize from within.
  • Let your locs air dry. It’s less drying.

Enjoy your workout. To your health!

4 thoughts on “It’s time to get active!

  1. Would you recommend that I shampoo daily if I exercise 6 days a week? Or should I rinse daily and shampoo one a week?

    • The main thing is to rinse the salt and sweat from the scalp. Some shampoo once and do a rinse in between. Some shampoo each time. Whatever you do, cleanse your locs but make sure you replenish moisture each time and allow locs to fully dry.

  2. Greetings! I stumbled across your blog on and I love it! I work out daily so your advice/opinion regarding the care of locs is greatly appreciated. I do not have a blog but I do have a youtube channel (mzfit4u). *blessings*

    • Keep your locs clean and moisturized. If you sweat a lot, yes you can shampoo as often as you want, or some do a water rinse with a full wash weekly or biweekly. If you can let it air dry and moisturize with shea butter, coconut oil or essential oil blends.

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