The Loc Bun

From the Jamaica Gleaner, 2011

Ever seen that beautiful flawless updo that blossoms in the back with locs pulled into a tight bun? This style needs medium-length to longer locs. Here’s how to do it….

  1. Take locs and pull them back into a ponytail but just secure it with one hand.
  2. Use a mesh doughnut (like these) and push the hanging locs through the hole. When you’re done, the doughnut will be your ponytail “holder.”
  3. Start to wrap the locs over the doughnut hole section at a time. Tuck the ends underneath and secure with a bobbi pin. Continue to do this until the entire mesh doughnut is covered over with locs.  You can use this opportunity to tighten the bun as you go by pulling the loc strands through and around.
  4. Secure any loose locs with bobbi pins. Or, you can tie a covered rubberband or scarf around the base to secure any loose locs on shorter lengths.

Voila! You have an elegant updo that’s at home at the office or at something formal. Here’s a picture of a heart-shaped doughnut in the style. This is the perfect wedding (or romantic date) updo! There is a basketweave pattern along the middle of the heart and at the front before the bun. You’ll need your loctician to achieve this style. Have fun!

This heart-shaped do is perfect for saying "I do"! Locs are overwrapped in the middle of the heart. This may need some expert help to pull off for that formal occasion.

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