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Time to shine

We saw this post on the Fabulocs facebook page. Nimat gave us permission to post. (Look for this article in our print annual coming soon…)

Why do locs lose their sheen as they mature and what can be done about it?

This Fabulocs client just started her locs with these shiny coils.

Take a look at this photograph of a client who just started her locs. As you can see, the locs are very shiny and soft looking. Most locs look this way at first, but as they mature they begin to lose their sheen. This is due to the fact that hair shines best when it is all flowing in the same direction. That is why hair looks shinier when it is straight than when it is in its coily or kinky state.

When you first begin, all the hairs in the loc have been combed into a coil (if you started with coils) and are flowing in one direction. This is why the loc is so shiny. As the hair locs, it begins to mat in many directions. When you look at a mature loc, notice that you can’t really tell what direction the hair is going in anymore. This causes a loss of sheen. As the locs mature and become more and more matted, you will notice that it becomes more difficult to maintain sheen.

What can be done about this? The type of maintenance you are receiving and the products you are using can dramatically affect the amount of sheen in the locs.

Try wrapping the locs instead of just palm rolling. When you palm roll, you press the hair into the loc (in what every direction it has assumed) with your palms and roll it. You are able to neaten and turn the loc however, you are unable to control the direction of the hair or how it mats. When you wrap the loose hair, you are able to control each strand of hair. This will result in the frizz or loose hairs laying in the same direction. The frizz or loose hair can mat in a more organized fashion resulting in more sheen.

Using a product that does not contain drying alcohol or hardeners is also key. Try the Fabulocs Loc Binding Butter for the best results. To see a demonstration on loc wrapping, please go to and click on the products page under Loc Binding Butter. Fabulocs products and techniques have successfully helped thousands of clients to renew the sheen and softness in their locs.

(Thanks to Nimat of Fabulocs for allowing us permission to post!)

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