Role Models: Ericka Jones Purvis

In the third of our series, Role Models, Loc’d Life talks to another loc’d hair model, Ericka Jones Purvis, model and entrepreneur. See how locs have helped her arrive…

How long have you been modeling?
I’ve modeled since 2007, and now I do on an “as needed” basis. I am on the Organic RootStimulator’s site as a model in one of their demo videos. I am now a party planner and event designer for my company, A Social Life ( I focus on any type of event from birthday parties to other special occasions.

Has wearing locs opened doors for you?
My best opportunities have come with my locs. When I started out, my locs were short, and I worked in the health care industry. I’ve found that it is all about how you perceive yourself. It’s all about confidence. There’s nothing wrong with wearing natural hair.
Since my hair has grown, I’ve tried different styles. Now it’s down my back. People will ask questions. There’s a curiosity. I get questions, and you’ll get some comments both positive and negative. I answer them, then when they come up and see it up close, they say “OK”. Yes, Everybody has a different thing going on with their locs.

How long have you worn your locs?
This is my 14th year. I started them with 1½ inches. Now it’s grazing the lower part of my back.

What are some of your loc secrets?
Keep it oiled. I use jojoba oil, and I use as much of the Organic Root Stimulator line as possible: the Uplift Shampoo, the Hair Mayonnaise, the Olive Oil Hair Sheen (I use that a lot), the Lock and Twist Gel, the Nature’s Shine oil, and the No More Flakes Dry Relief.
My best advice is to use products that go together—don’t “cocktail”. Use the shampoo with the conditioner and follow with other products in the line.

(BTW—this is part of a sneak peek of our second print annual, coming soon.)

Until then,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

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