Locs on the Rocks!

I found this BEAUTIFUL photo of Erykah Badu online with a flowered loc updo. You, too, can achieive this look with a beehive updo secured with pins and with silk flowers applied throughout.

First, let me say that I found this beautiful picture of Erykah Badu with a flowered loc updo. I just had to post it.

Secondly, let me say that I am copyrighting the title “Locs on the Rocks” for an upcoming party for our Loc’d Life Magazine second annual launch. It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, but I promise, it is coming very soon.

Third–and it’s what this post is about– is clarification. Yes clarification for locs. Who would ever think that vodka could be an excellent rinse for removing buildup and increasing shine? I found this vodka-shampoo mix that does just that. Let me say that I have not tried this, but I will and report my findings in a future post.

Vodka Hair Clarifier

Add a bit of vodka into your shampoo! It’ll help to detoxify your hair, removing buildup from products and minerals in your water. You’ll notice an increase in shine and a vast improvement in flat, lifeless hair.

The vodka also deep cleanses the scalp, which can stimulate the follicles and promote healthy hair growth. So this is an inexpensive practice to possibly ward off hair loss by keeping the scalp ultra-clean and free of growth-retarding buildup on the follicles.

Condition afterwards with a quality moisturizing conditioner to restore softness and manageability to the hair.

The pictures on the site show shiny, clean locs afterwards. If you missed last week’s post, we featured a great shampoo to use, too. Just a tip that I had never heard of before, but wanted to pass along to you.

Until next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

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