Loc love from Jamaica, yah man!

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Here’s some love for locs right from my homeland, Jamaica. The Loc Society celebrates locs in Jamaica with inspirational pictures of styles, tips on care and other items about locs.

The Loc Society is the creation of Deniece Didan Ashanta Falconer.  She describes The Loc Society  as a newly-formed public non-profit organization with a passion for loc’d hairstyles in Jamaica. Her mission:

1. To facilitate the networking of loc-wearers, locticians, and loc-lovers in Jamaica.

2. To educate loc-wearers and loc-lovers on the cultivation, grooming and beautification of loc’d hairstyles.

3. To foster and promote activities that provide guidance and resources for loc-wearers and loc-lovers in Jamaica.

When I started Loc’d Life back in 2009, the biggest need I heard from my readers was the need to see more images of themselves, and to get more information on how to care for their locs. I’ve also expanded to help advertisers, fellow magazines, and other media makers to consider locs as another option in the hiring of modeling talent, actors and actresses, and beyond. This way, there will be less negative stereotypes, less misinformation, and more confidence about wearing locs.

I have heard that recently Rastafarians in Jamaica have had to cut off their locs just to avoid discrimination against them. Hopefully, organizations like The Loc Society (and Loc’d Life, of course) can help in changing minds and viewpoints about locs as beautiful way to express yourself!

Above are pictures from her Facebook page (all courtesy of the Loc Society; and all owned by their respective owners). Enjoy!

Till next time,

Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine


3 thoughts on “Loc love from Jamaica, yah man!

    • Check in with a loctician to find out which is the best method for starting locs for your hair texture. They’ll also give you advice on how to maintain them.

    • There are many many sites that will give you information about your trek to happy nappiness google from traditional loc’s to sisterlocks and back again it’s a blog with lots of information and youtube has lots of natural hair vloggers and watch out for information on L.A.D. that’s loc appreciation day!

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