A little help from my friends

Illustration by Gail Mitchell

As Facebook went public with its stock this week, I thought what a wonderful opportunity  to thank the many friends that have graced our Facebook page. They’ve inspired, created artistry and generated excitement  with every post.  Here are some of the loc loves we have online…

Photo and Make-up by D’Andre Michael; Hair by Michelle London and Hair color by Tika Sheffield Epiphany Hair Salon DC

With every post, she reminds us why she is our loc star! With her signature updo, Ledisi continues to wow the music industry with her soulful voice and regal locs. I look forward to her every note!

From the Khamit Kinks website at www.khamitkinks.com

Khamit Kinks
This New York salon is one of the top spots for locs in the country. Anu Prestonia celebrates natural hair in all of its beauty, and I especially look forward to her posts that feature locs.  Here are just some of the looks turning heads on the East Coast.

The Loc Den
This North Houston salon heats up our Facebook page with innovative styles. Shenaté Lamar provides interesting updos, curly styles and men’s styles that turn more than just heads.

All images owned by their respective owners.

Lady Influence
All I can be said about this Facebook friend’s awesome posts are ooohs and ahhhhs!!! Her loc-inspiring picks grace our news feeds and bring them to a stunning halt. Loc styles, natural styles, and those that make you want to print them out just to have for the journey are what this friend does best.

More from Facebook
If you missed it, Loc’d Life interviewed M. Michele George, author of the Knotty Truth, a comprehensive guide to loc care and maintenance. Ms. George wanted us to add this to the article, so here it is…

Hey Gail, awesome article. Just one update, could you please update the part about locs being hard. It states patience and cost. But I preach that locking is cheap and manageable if you do it yourself. … You pulled it all together nicely. I’d love to work on a future project with you. Your artistic skills and art work is amazing! Bless.

Thank you Ms. George. Loc’d Life readers, let’s support her, buy the book, and get the information we need about locs.

Thank you for “friending” us, and continue to “Like” us on Facebook. We will feature more of our friends. To you all, I love your support. I’m almost done with our second printed annual. Watch for it soon…

Till next time,
Gail  Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

Copyright © 2012. All photos owned by their respective owners and are used to promote those featured.

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