She’s Better than Alright

“Tell me I can’t so I can show you I can.”

That’s what loc star Ledisi told a Philadelphia crowd when asked why she wrote her recent book, Better Than Alright: Finding Peace, Love & Power, in conjunction with Essence Magazine. The audience was treated to a conversation with the Grammy-nominated singer, as the book hit stores this month.

Better Than Alright is poetry, affirmations, short stories and other gems of personal growth, family memories and sources of strength she shares with readers. Here are a few insights…

On her name….

My name was a sore spot for me when I was little. I was called Le-dee-see by my teachers every day. I was called Lettuce, along with other variations of my name that were not pleasant, by the students. I hated my name. I wished it were something more simple, like Sarah or Maria. I mostly hated the way my stepfather called my name. It was the scariest sound and whenever he said it, I always knew I was in trouble for something I didn’t do.

As I got older, I finally had the courage to ask my mother, “Why did you name me Ledisi?” She said: “Everything is in your name. There is so much power in your name…Your name means ‘to bring forth.’ Your daddy named you after a Yoruba song that he heard me sing. He loved the sound of it and that became your name, Ledisi! You have been fighting to come forth ever since you were a little baby. Be proud of your name, no matter who teases you about it. They’ll say it right one day, and they will remember it. Why? Because not many have a name like yours. God named you, and don’t you forget it.”

On faith…

…Take time to notice those beautiful gifts. All the answers we need are right there. I say that because the best conversations happen when you are ALONE…being still. The voices and opinions of others should be an afterthought. I learned that from my talks with God. I will be taken care of…even the things I don’t know are headed my way, God will take care of them all. I leave that space of solitude renewed.

On being Alright…

“Life can bring us through many changes, it’s alright
Just don’t give up, know that it’s gonna be alright
People come and they go, that’s just the way that it goes, it’s alright!”

Better Than Alright: Finding Peace Love & Power is available at bookstores everywhere, or online at and

‘Till next time and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads,
Gail Mitchell
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