The Loc’d Life Summer Hot List

Summer is finally here! Here’s Loc’d Life’s hot list of products, must haves and must dos for the best season of the year…

  1. Get a good and quick shampoo staple. Summer is the season for wash and go locs if you live an active lifestyle. Our favorite: Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap in Rose. The scent is light and fragrant, and this soap lathers quickly and efficiently. If you swim, you’ll need a chlorine removal shampoo. You’ll need to remove chlorine from your locs each and every time you swim if you want to keep them—especially if they’re color-treated. One to try: Ultra Swim Chlorine Removal Shampoo. (Tip: Get Loc’d Life, Volume 2 for a roundup of shampoos for locs.)
  2. Wrap it up. Go Erykah Badu style and do a head wrapping. To do, start with a breathable cool fabric, a solid or one that’s culturally aware. To start, place fabric around the top and crown. Wrap around locs and hold fabric at the base. In these photos, the fabric is twisted, then wrapped around the head several times and the ends tucked in. (Our Loc’d Life cover model, Sandria Washington and Pilar Awodola Songofemi Audain—Reed sponsored an event this week—Wrap your Beauty Around your Head. The event culminated with participants wrapping each other’s heads and a photoshoot in the city on the weekend. Check out these photos!)
  3. Updos, updos, updos.What better way to beat the heat than an updo style to cool the neck and face. Give these styles a try. Bonus: braided styles and Bantu knots can be taken down for a curly look.
  4. Moisturize. Even in high humidity, summer is no time to neglect your moisturizing regimen. Use light oils to keep locs supple, like olive oil and coconut oil for drier loc types.
  5. Drink water. Your body needs water to rehydrate. So do your locs. Your scalp and locs will stay supple if you drink your 6-8  8 oz. glasses a day. You will feel the difference if you skip it. You can also mist it directly onto locs by trying a oil-infused mixture to condition and refresh. A cup of water, 2 tablespoons of dried rosemary, and 10 drops of tea-tree oil combine to make a tingly sensation. Keep in the fridge for a cool treat on hot days. Go to  for a loc refresher spray recipe.
  6. Finish with sun-kissed makeup. Item number 5 (water) is the best primer for your skin. For a little help, try a mineral foundation like bareMinerals Matte Mineral Foundation with SPF 15 to even out skin tones without a lot of product. For lips, try a natural lip stick like Colorganics Hemp Organics Lipstick for a hint of color. Castor, hemp seed, and jojoba oils combine with organic beeswax, candellilla and carnauba wax to keep lips supple. (I wear the color Java Bean, and I love it. I got it at Whole Foods!)
  7. Bold accessories. With that gorgeous updo, comes great responsibility. Silver and gold tone jewelry, amber and turquoise are all summer favorites that accent your locs with unique flair. This sterling silver choker is from Valeries Jewelry Box,

You’ve got your summer hot list. Now get out there and shine!

‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

Illustration by Gail Mitchell.

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Loc’d Life Magazine, Volume 2

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