Beat the Sahara

If you read last week’s post, (see The Loc’d Life Summer Hot List) you know that summer’s no time to neglect moisture. Yes, summer’s humidity does help, but the sun’s heat and drier climates combine to create the perfect condition for breakage if you’re not careful. For those who battled dryness in their locs, I wanted to try and review the Chatto line of products for locs. The line is all natural, promotes softness, and creates optimal conditions for loc growth.

            I’ve heard of  Chatto’s line before, however this is the first opportunity I’ve had to try her loc products, which include a shampoo, a loc twist gel, a conditioning mist and a remarkable softening cream. The line is part of the offerings of Chatto Wright, natural hair care stylist, cosmetologist, and esthetician, with a store and salon on Chicago’s prestigious Gold Coast. I met Ms. Wright herself at last Sunday’s Chicago’s Natural Summer Meetup and Product Swap at the Little Black Pearl Art Center in Chicago. When I left her booth, I was armed with an arsenal of loc products I was eager to try.

I started out with the Uni-Locs Residue Free Shampoo. It lathered nicely and cleansed my locs well. After a hot, sticky day and workouts, I needed something that really cleansed. The label touts, “Repair, Nourish, Control and Promote Growth for Twists, Junior and Senior Locs”. Locs do need a shampoo that cleanses, removes buildup and leaves none behind. It’s all natural, as well, containing a base of saponified coconut, olive and jojoba oils (nature’s closest oil to the sebum our scalp produces), aloe vera, and an infusion of herbs.

It rinsed easily and left my locs clean and soft. I toweled them dry to remove excess water. I then followed with another product, Chatto’s Nature’s Natural Mom and Daughters Gold Cream. The cream is listed on the label as a hair softener, volumizer and a frizz controller for all hair textures. My hair is fine at the roots, so frizziness is always an issue. I welcomed a new product to control it. My locs are also color-treated, so I constantly battle dryness.

Let me say this: this is a wonderful and unique product. It is a base of oils and herbs that culminate into a thick paste. Scoop some of it out, rub it between your palms to emulsify (melt), and apply it to your locs from roots to ends (don’t neglect the ends). I did this on my wet locs. When dry, my locs were soft, and I saw shine in the highlights. Even my color seemed rejuvenated. I have been also using it in between shampoos to restore moisture, and it just softens. For me, that’s something that’s not easily done. This is a wonderful regimen for wash and go locs.

Then, there’s the Chatto’s Nature’s Natural Aloe Moisture Mist, a moisture spray  for use as a leave-in conditioner and for in-between shampoos. The label says that it should be sprayed liberally immediately after shampooing, twice daily for three days, and once every other day to condition dried-out locs and to control frizziness. I found that it softened and left my locs supple once dry.

To retwist new growth, there’s the Loc Jam. It has the consistency of an edge-control gel, but is filled with natural softeners, conditioners such as argan, omega-3 and flax seed oils and tons of hold. I smoothed it on at the base of my locs in the front, and it left my roots more defined. (Tip: My arms get tired, so I may just retwist the front where it’s visible. I then work on other areas later. Or, you can gradually do sections at a time.)

Chatto’s line of unique natural products can help your locs beat summer’s heat and dryness. It also includes a growth line for hair loss caused by alopecia, shedding, breakage and other forms of hair loss, cosmetics, a skin care and a host of other items. To find out more about the line and the salon, visit

‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
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