Bravo, Ledisi style

Today, Loc’d Life will be celebrating with “Locs on the Rocks: The Launch Party”, at 3 p.m., at Uncle Joe’s Tropical Dining, 4655 S. King Drive, 1st Floor, in Chicago.  There, we’ll be celebrating the release of our printed issue, Volume 2 and three years of publishing. You’ll also be able to purchase a copy.

If you won’t be able to make it, you can purchase it online at

What better way to celebrate than with an excerpt from Vol. 2, featuring our locstar, Ledisi. Her hit single, Bravo, is one of self-assurance, the happiness of love, and how to celebrate life. (It will surely be on our playlist!)

How did the signature Ledisi look emerge? In a recent interview with Black Girl with Long Hair (, Ledisi said that she was hardly noticed before wearing her loc updo. “…When I wore my hair down, nobody recognized me. Now that I wear it up, they do.”

Stylist Michele London of Resa Salon in Philadelphia created her updo—one that works for a busy singer with appearances and tours. Ledisi’s other stylist, Tika of Epiphany Hair Salon in Washington, DC., created her signature crimson color. To keep her locs healthy, she recommends using hydrating shampoos and conditioners to care for color-treated locs. She also recommends drinking plenty of water and eating healthy. “Hair is like a plant, it needs air, moisture, and nutrients.”

We searched the Web to see how to get the look, and here’s one way, courtesy of Locsof NTegrity ( Tip: apply an oil moisturizing spray to make locs supple. Moisturize now, so your locs won’t be dry later.

  1. In the back, at the nape, part hair horizontally, creating a row of locs. Place the rest of your locs in a rubberband to separate the parted sections and to keep the rest of your locs out of your working area.
  2. On one side, flat twist locs, forming a flat roll towards the center. Secure with a rubberband at the base, and leave them loose for now. Repeat on the other side. The result is opposing flat twists with hanging ends in the center. (If locs are shorter, secure with bobby pins as you twist.)
  3. Create another parted row from your loose locs above the previous one, and place the remaining locs in a rubberband to keep them out of your working area. Repeat on the other side. Continue upwards with steps 2 and 3 until you reach the crown.
  4. You now have a twisted Mohawk with hanging ends in the center. You can either flat twist these ends up towards the crown as in a French-roll style, or if your length won’t allow, cross the ends at the center and secure with pins, leaving locs at the crown and the front loose.
  5. At the crown, with the remaining hair, use pipe cleaners to curl individual locs or group 3-4 locs together and wrap around pipe cleaners to curl.
  6. Once curled, strategically pin curls up to secure into a tight curly bun.
  7. To maintain, tie up at night with a silky scarf. Mist with a light oil as needed to keep locs supple.

This is just a taste of all the information that awaits you in Loc’d Life, Vol. 2. Come to “Locs on the Rocks” on Sunday to get your copy, or purchase online at (You can also get vol. 1 there, too.) Watch Ledisi’s latest video here. What a great attitude on life! What a great way to celebrate locs!

‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine




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