The Loc’d Life Trend Report

What’s hot in the world of locs? Loc’d Life asked Amazon and Nadra Smiley, the mother-daughter team that runs Amazon Natural Essentials in Chicago (, a natural hair salon and full-service spa. We asked and here’s what’s hot…

  1. The View’s Whoopi Goldberg’s layered bob is what’s hot in locs now!

    Cuts into styles. Locs have become even more versatile than ever as loc wearers are flocking to salons requesting bobs, assymetrical bobs, layer cuts and similar styles. “Long layers are the most popular,” says Amazon Smiley. “They offer the most versatility and when you crinkle them, and locs have more volume. It also helps with keeping your hair weight lighter, as heavy locs can lead to breakage. Cuts ease that.”

  2. Photo: Kinky Rootz Natural Hair Salon

    Color. Red is the hot hue in locs now, says Amazon. “Reds, copper—reds in general, and it’s not just because of the fall season. Most are coloring for change. Highlights are also popular, like highlighting every other loc. Some are concerned about breakage. Some loc wearers may just color 4-5 locs around the face.”

  3. Hot product trends. “The best loc gel product in the world is our Amazon Natural Essentials loc gel,” says Smiley. “Dr. Miracle’s Temple and Nape Balm is also popular. You have to use it everyday [to regrow hair in those areas].  Products are going more natural—no sulfates, etc. They are trying to be as natural as possible. Shea butter and avocado oil are also popular. Avocado oil is good for hair and skin because it holds moisture.” Other popular trends in products: jojoba oil (most like our natural oils) and olive oil for its nutrients.  Beeswax, mineral oil, and petroleum are still product no-nos.
  4. Styles are looking up. Updos, cornrow styles, twist-ups, or wrapped styles are hot now. “When you let it down, you have another style,” says Smiley. “Take these down and you also have crinkles.”
  5. Gotta do some maintenance. One of the latest trends in loc maintenance has been around for a while: locsmything. In this technique, instead of palm rolling newly grown roots, stray hairs are wrapped around the loc shaft at the base. “This technique works perfectly. It was invented by a loctician in New York named Ona. We’ve been using this technique for years,” says Amazon Smiley. Loc stitching is also popular. “There’s a lot of myths around about loc stitching,” says Nadra Smiley. “If it’s done too tight, it will break your hair. You do have to know the right system. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, you need to find the right technique for that particular texture of hair. But all hair will lock.”

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‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine



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