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Hair by Emon Fowler, one of our Loc’d Life Ladylocs Awards winners.

Last weekend, Loc’d Life attended the African Festival of the Arts in Chicago to view the latest products. We found some that I had to write about. Here they are…

NuDred, the Hair Twisting Miracle

I was amazed as I passed by this booth. The NuDred Hair-Twisting System is a winner. With a specially formed sponge and a little product, you, too can start your locs in as little as 3-20 minutes.

NuDred is the brainchild of Bruce Boyd and Brigette Gopou. The system consists of a hand-held sponge and the Nupotion Hair Twisting/Locking Solution. Apply the solution to hair, then rub the sponge in a circular motion (in one direction) on as little as 1/8th to as much as 2 inches of natural hair (for starter locs. Free-strand natural textures can benefit with as much as 5 inches of hair.) Continue rubbing the sponge on your hair and voila—your hair will transform into perfectly-formed twists without hours of comb-coil twists, partings, and the time involved in other methods.

“The NuDred system styles twists and dreadlocks,” says Bruce Boyd, co-creator. “It was an invention based on simplicity and efficency. We invented it in 2004. In 2008, we distributed worldwide. The rest is history.”

The system is based on science. “NuDred is based on a vortex. The sponge has holes, and it works as a vacuum that goes into a circular motion like mini tornadoes that causes hair to twist.”

Boyd calls NuDred not just a product, but a lifestyle. The line also includes a shampoo, conditioner, and a moisturizer. Twist and wash your starter locs by placing on a stocking cap while doing your initial shampoos. NuDred recommends that you can keep twisting until locs begin to form. Watch this video to see how easily it works. To order, visit www.nudred.com.


Adiva Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Herbal Rinse

Lint and buildup in locs is a no-no. Yet depending on how you wrap your locs up at night or the products you use, buildup can sneak up on you. To keep lint at bay, try Adiva Naturals Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Herbal Rinse. After shampooing, spray into locs and let it sit for five minutes. Rinse out and lint and buildup is gone. Use it regularly (once monthly) for an extra cleansing. The rinse is a combination of herbs such as sage, rosemary, nettle, lavender, and other natural ingredients. Peppermint gives scalp a tingly boost. Apple cider vinegar removes heavy oils and impurities and restores hair’s natural pH balance. It is a convenient way to deep cleanse locs. The Adiva Naturals line also includes a 2-1 Conditioning Shampoo with avocado and coconut oil that cleanses and moisturizes without buildup. To order, visit adivanaturals.com.

Sustah Girl

Looking for a positive way to get the word out about the importance of staying fit? Look no further than the Sustah Girl Workout Book, featuring Sustah Girl, the loc’d and physically fit superhero. The superheroine was created by artist Turtel Onli and Cassandra Washington in 1992, when the then public school teachers sought out ways to help young people make more positive choices. The graphic novel is an art-filled booklet that concisely highlights the benefits of different types of exercise from running, yoga, and even belly dancing. If you have a teen that won’t get off the couch, get them this booklet to help them to stay fit! And Sustah Girl looks great with locs! Get your copy at onlistudios.com.

These are just some of the new products for locs out there. Loc’d Life is always on the lookout for the best in locs.

One more thing…

Are you registered to vote? Make sure you are for the upcoming election this November. Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure your voice is heard. Too much is riding on this election!

‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine
www.locdlife.com (click on the blog link and it will take you here)



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