More Role Models

Loc’d Life Magazine and our readers couldn’t agree more. Our second print edition featured them. Now we’re adding more of them online. Models, actors, and actresses with loc’d hair. Today I was blessed to receive emails from two figures in the fashion and TV industry. Here’s a quick roundup of those who are rocking their locs (and to the companies that are featuring them, kudos to you, too…)

Photo: Vibe Magazine

Esosa Edosomwan
Actress, writer, “Directress”

I was truly delighted when I found Ms. Edosomwan’s email in my inbox. This model who has done work for Essence, IMAN Cosmetics, Ford, and other companies has been in the industry modeling, filmmaking, fashion designing, and blogging. She wrote to me about having a difficult time finding work through modeling agencies because she wears locs. Her quote above, expresses the responses she’s run into. Yet she is breaking barriers. Check out this video interview with Keepin it Kinky, an online blog on natural hair, on her new tumblr page, Loc’d Life salutes your efforts to get locs onto the pages of major magazines, on film and TV.  (Watch for an upcoming interview, as I just received her email. I look forward to speaking with you soon!)


William Barney
Actor, Model

You might not know him by name yet, but you know his face. Loc’d Life featured his work in McDonald’s Drinkcessorize campaign in a call for more positive images of locs in media. Billboards featuring his flowing locs were all over the Chicagoland area, and I’m sure, cities nationwide. He wrote to us today, commenting on a recent post,

“Being that brother with the locs, I want to thank you for appreciating the difficulty we have as a people expressing ourselves in our own way and being recognized for it. Hopefully more comes it. A change IS coming….Locs are taking over.”

He also a singer and dancer. You can see his many talents in his latest commercial spot for Trident Layers. Thanks to Kraft Foods (who owns Trident gum) for featuring Mr. Barney in your latest commercial!


These are two loc’d heroes that are changing the way locs are viewed. Loc’d Life salutes you both and your efforts! Keep up the great work!

‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine
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3 thoughts on “More Role Models

  1. Yes, it’s really great that African heritage models are getting more exposure on ads etc. But, it’s time our people started having our own things: our own businesses where WE decide who we will feature in our posters and ads. Asians and Indians don’t look to whites but have their own things. That way we’re not “begging”. Black beauty magazines should concentrate now on natural hair styles and use our models who have such hair instead of models with wigs and weave-ons. Let us African heritage people make a conscious decision to begin to spend our money within our community. We’re all originally from Africa and should begin to be happy about our African-ness, and not feel ashamed or hate it. This is a new century! Well done you natural African models…..

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