The loc’d hall of fame


Here it is: the Loc’d Life Hall of Fame: those pioneers who carried the torch for us to rock our locs today. Who’s in the who’s who? Depends on who you ask. Here’s my opinion on some of the best of the best.

Lauryn Hill

The late 90s and early 2000’s aren’t complete without the influence of Laurn Hill. At the top of her game, Ms. Hill snagged award after award, broke every music industry record, and became a style innovator rocking thick locs that complimented every statuette. Ms. Hill is still doing her own thing in the music industry today. Loc’d Life won’t every forget her iconic locstyle.


She penned the natural hair anthem, I am Not my Hair, a few years ago. Need we say more? She blazed onto the music scene in her own way with the song, “Video” She’s changed her styles over the years. but not her individuality. Loc’d Life is happy to see her start a new set of locs. I await the future possibilities to come.


Her signature locs helped create her own soulful niche on the music charts. The single “Closer” and other songs helped solidify her unique style, which locs were a full part of. Goapele now wears a signature front-forward, cornrowed style which only ushers in a new dawn of music to come.

Cassandra Wilson

This sultry jazz stylist set locs ablaze with a standout blonde color and shimmer. Whether worn up or in a curly cascade, her styles exude as much soul and the unexpected as the jazz she sings.

Sepsenahki Aahkhu

This loc’d model is now a vegan blogger, known as Chef Ahki, mixing up healthy alternatives for those choosing a healthy lifestyle. Back in the day, however, her blonde locs heated up magazine covers and fashion runways. She was a loc’d hair model before the popularity of locs today. Loc’d Life hopes to see more locs on the runways.

How to make the Hall of Fame All on your own:

    • Wrap your locs up at night. This one step helps retain moisture, prevent lint, and the “dry, dusty, loc” syndrome that are asymptomatic of one who skips this important maintenance step.
    • Moisture, moisture, moisture. Whether it’s oils, a moisturizing mist, or from within by drinking lots of water, moisture is key to the optimal health of your locs. Skip this step, and you’ll have breakage.
    • Shampoo regularly. Shampoos not only cleanse, but add needed moisture to locs, too. If possible, let your locs air dry, to further retain moisture, and don’t ever sleep on wet locs, as you can flatten their cylindrical shape.
    • Choose versatility. Try as many styles as possible to keep it interesting. You can do so much—and more—with locs as in freestrand hair.

gail1‘Till next time,

Gail Mitchell


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