Why do you wear locs?

Woman smilingLoc’d Life took a hiatus earlier this year, yet this question still remained for my readers: Why do you wear locs? I will leave this page up for your comments, however short or long they may be!!

For me, my locs have been my hair’s freedom. It is a hairstyle that truly reflects me.

What have I been up to? A lot of projects. I do have one: gathering your locstories. Why did you get locs? How did your friends react? How did your family react? How did locs change your life?

Look to Facebook and Twitter for updates. I will write occasional posts, and I’d like to reflect your beauty in a future project. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you for your steadfast support.

gail1‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine


8 thoughts on “Why do you wear locs?

  1. Welcome Back! I look forward to reading your post every Sunday!

    As far as my locs…. I’ve been natural all my life but when I wanted to get into the gym to loss some weight (50+pounds) I needed a hair style that wasn’t going to sweat out or be gone the minute I stepped into the gym. I have always wanted locs but my mother didn’t like the idea and felt that I wouldn’t be able to get a job with them. While in graduate school I did my research on locs and decided that I was tied of being fat and tired of my hair sweating out at the gym and in the hot weather. So on August 19, 2011 I went for it and 8 hours later I have my locs installed. I’m so happy with my choice and hope that I can continue to let them grow and that I can grow as a person.

  2. Hi and welcome back…not an easy question to answer but once I started them 10 years ago I kept asking myself why I had waited so long. It took five years for me to get them started once I decided I liked the look. First and foremost the freedom. Not a slave to the perm or bad hair days. My hair was never long enought for that emergency ponytail. I have more versatility now, up-dos long and loose, braids, waves, curls, you name it. I look at other people and the diversity I see among loc wearers is amazing. All types of textures and styles, colors…endless. I love my hair and can’t imagine not having them.

  3. I wear locs because I was really tired and frustrated with the high maintenance of permed hair. After qutting permed hair, I wore braids for a long time and decided one year that I would not re-braid my hair but kept in the braids and started my locs.After three years I debraided and was very happy with the outcome as was never sure what my locs would look like and the comments I have received from everyone have all been positive too. Finally I have freedom. No need to worry about bad hair day nor having to visit the salon so frequently. The versatility and flexibility that the locs offer are amazing and I am sorry I didn’t start my locs earlier but nothing happens before the time. I enjoy witnessing the growth and I like how it suits me so overall I am very satisfied.

  4. Really enjoying this blog, simply I wear… decided to loc my hair after getting sick and tired of processed hair so once I cut my hair two good years ago I had every intension of locking my hair to maintain a simple style that embraced my culture and race it has been a wonderful journey. http://musicpowerandpolitics.wordpress.com/

  5. thank you for coming back… i wear mines because they are so natural and i am all about living the way i was Brought into this world. true that i have them dyed but thats just to add spice…my family wasnt with the IDEA.. but after they became to grow they dug em

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