Are wearing locs just a hairstyle or much more?


Thank you for your insightful comments last week on the question, “Why do you wear locs?” If you missed it, you can still comment by going to last week’s blog.

As I’ve written before, to me, locs are so much more than a style. They are a way of freedom for wearing your hair in a style that truly reflects who I am. My hair is naturally curly and coily. Wearing locs does not fight against my natural textures. Locs are versatile. I can wear so many more styles as they grow (and I’ve watched them grow very well!). When my hair was relaxed, I struggled to see growth past a certain point. Locs have given me and my hair strength. Each loc is a journey from root to end with struggles, successes, and reflection. Finally, locs are not just a style. For the reasons just mentioned and more, they are not something I can just change. I look in the mirror, and it is what I expect to see. I worn a relaxed style and a natural style before. I welcome my reflection when I see my expectations.

My journey has been going on for 6 1/2 years now. I continue this journey, looking forward to letting them continue to be. I hope that it continues to be a journey of opening doors for others who wear locs—to wear them with the same ease as I do.

What does this question mean to you? I welcome your comments on this question as well. Please comment! This is your chance to be heard.

gail1‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine





2 thoughts on “Are wearing locs just a hairstyle or much more?

  1. Love the response I just read. I have been wearing locs for seven years now. It has given me so much confidence in the power of natural beauty. Prior to wearing locs I was wearing a very short afro. This style too helped me see me when I looked in the mirror. I have been natural for eighteen years now. But locs heightened my awareness of the absolute beauty that is each person’s alone. Now two loc’d heads are alike. How incredible. Just as no two people are alike. It is a powerful voyage into self awareness.

  2. Locs are more than a hairstyle for me they represent my inner self and are a tribute to my Egyptian ancestors,locs are my creative antennae and they give me confidence and natural beauty>Sabreen (ROYAL CLOSET)

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