Curly locs

Valerie June's lightly textured locs add volume.

Valerie June’s lightly textured locs add volume.

Curly locs are not that hard to achieve if you use the right method. You can crinkle set, use rollers, braid or twist. The result: styles that look great. Start with wet locs, preferably after a shampoo.

1.)  Twist it. This style works best when in a hurry. Take 4-6 loc sections and twist to make one big long twist if your locs are longer. Divide the section in half and twist from root to ends. Take a small rubberband and secure the ends by folding the ends into the rubberband. Continue until all sections are complete. You can wear this style for a few days, or sit under a warm dryer until completely dry. Take down all the twists. You should have a head full of curls.


2.)  Roll it. Pipe cleaners work as excellent, soft, flexible rollers for locs. Take 3-4 pipe-cleaners and select 3-4 locs at a time and wrap the ends around the pipe cleaners. Roll upward to scalp and bend the ends of the cleaners over each other to secure the roller into place. Continue until all locs are curled. Once completely dry after sitting under a dryer, remove all rollers.

3.)  Style it. Try a style that twists locs into a curl pattern. Some to try: flat twist updos, bantu knots, or braided styles.

Whichever you choose, you can curl your locs with ease! Enjoy your new look!

gail1‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

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