5 ways to love your locs


Photo: Twist and Curves Salon

Loving your locs take care and maintenance. It’s easy to skip a step now and then or to cut corners. Love your locs enough to give them the care they deserve.

Make daytime maintenance a breeze. A little oil and styling go a long way with locs, so keep your styles simple and memorable. A braided updo can last a while from the loctician’s chair (and you can take the style down for a second curly look). Ponytails are a favorite standby. In the summer, you’ll want to raise your style profile off your face and neck, so both will work. Remember to keep locs supple by applying oils or a light moisturizing mist. (Tip: be careful to let your locs fully dry with moisturizing mists. Keeping your locs wet too long can cause mildew.)

Do the same at night. Make sure that you tie your hair up every night with a satiny scarf or a Loc Soc™ to keep locs moisturized and not brittle and dry. If needed, apply oil from root to ends. If your locs are longer, find bigger scarves or caps to keep the ends of your locs covered.

locdlifeadShampoo regularly. Find a favorite shampoo that easily suds to make shampoo time easy. It should also easily rinse out. There’s clear liquid shampoos, shampoo bars, and castile soaps that all work well. Pick an option and stick to a regular regimen.

Watch your conditioner. I find that too much use of creamy conditioners break down my locs, leaving unraveled ends or weak spots near the ends, and the only option is to cut the loc. Choose hot oil treatments for conditioning or oil locs from scalp to ends after your shampoo and let air dry. Your locs will be softer when dry. Leave-ins work well, too.

Keep it simple. Don’t use too many products. A simple regimen will do. A good oil to use, a great way to wear your hair up that you can do yourself, or a quick way to tie your hair up—whatever you do, keep it simple. Your loc’d hair toolbox should include a good oil, a night-time coverup, a good shampoo and conditioner, and a loc gel for grooming new growth between loctician visits (or to palm roll or locstitch yourself).

Look at your toolbox to see how much you love your locs. Start today!

gail1‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

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