Sun and fun for locs

summer locs

Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than to get your Loc’d Life guide to summer healthy locs. How will your locs enjoy the summer? Here’s how…

  1. Water is your friend. Drink plenty of water to keep dryness away. Rinse with plenty of water after each shampoo. Rinse with plenty of water to remove saltwater from your locs, which will dry them out (And if you read last week’s post, salt water will help your hair loc in your early stages, but it is drying.). If you think about it, your locs need water to survive. Make sure you have plenty available.
  2. Chlorine is not. Remember, after every dip in the pool, you need to remove chlorine from your locs or they will become so dry and brittle they will snap off. Seriously. It’s a chemical that, if left in your locs, and if your locs are color-treated, beware. Use a chlorine-removing shampoo and rinse well to remove.
  3. Moisture, moisture, moisture. Oils and water help keep your locs supple throughout drier, hot climates, and are good general practice all year long. Use a good conditioner, like one from the Jane Carter Solution, to keep locs moisturized.
  4. Beat the heat. To those of you with longer lengths, locs can be hot and heavy along your neckline in the summer’s heat. Wear updos, bantu knots, and other creative styles to keep lengths away from the neck and face. It also adds variety to your locstyle.
  5. Color adjustment. Know going into the summer that your haircolor will lighten in the rays of the sun. Keep this in mind when selecting a hue for your locs.
  6. Shampoo regularly. It’s hot, your scalp perspires, and you use products on your locs. Add exercise and chlorine into the mix, and need I say more?

Follow these tips, and loc care and maintenance will be a summer breeze!

gail1‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine



One thought on “Sun and fun for locs

  1. I really look forward to receiving this publication each week. It is simple, a quick read and full of everyday useful information for loc wearers. Thank you for your dedication.

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