It’s a wrap!


Evin Marie styling for the summer. Photo: Gail Mitchell

Pipe cleaners, the arts and crafts staple, has been a friend of loc wearers for years. They curl and shape our locs so gently and so economically, many have a bag of these in their hair cabinets for special occasions or for a change. Here’s one more use…wrapping.

Yes, wrap your locs entirely around pipe cleaners and you have a style that flips and bends the way you want, and the style lasts long. Prepare pipe cleaners by bending both ends into a loop on all. (Choose pipe cleaners that are the same color as your locs.) To do, start with freshly washed locs. Maintain new growth at roots by palm rolling, locstitching or using the method of choice with your loc gel. Tightly twist locs around the pipe cleaners, wrapping the locs completely over the cleaners. Ends are secured by placing them through the looped ends when starting. The result, a style that lift lengths off the face and neck for the hot summer. Ends are flipped and bent all over, resulting in an organic style that seems simple and effortless (and will be once done!)

Model Evin Marie is styling this new look for us for our upcoming printed edition, vol. 3. Watch here for its release. Until then, check out this sneak peek, and if you haven’t already, purchase volume 1 and 2 of Loc’d Life’s printed editions at

gail1‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

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