Loc and natural heaven

Tendrils and Curls

Paula Chrishon’s passion is natural hair.

Her store, Tendrils and Curls in Houston (2501 1/2 S. Shepherd Drive,#1, Houston, TX 77019), speaks volumes about her passion. The upscale boutique caters to natural hair by selling products exclusively for the needs those who have embraced their natural textures. The store is also online as an e-boutique selling all of the products available in store (www.tendrilsandcurls.com).

“We have 45 brands of hair products,” says Paula. “We have products for loc’d hair as well. We have people who are veterans and customers who just decided to go natural. I have a large client base who wears locs. What they’re looking for is someone who is able to guide them to what they are looking for—to help them meet their unique needs.”

The store does no services—just consultations. “We’re basically an upscale natural beauty supply store.”


PaulaChrishonWhile Paula wears her hair curly, she wore locs for 11 years before taking them down. “Two-and-a-half years ago I decided that it was time to make a change, so I cut and unraveled them. One day, I was about to get them retwisted, when a lady came in with a head full of  huge loose hair.” That’s what inspired Paula to go curly. It took her seven days to unravel her locs. “It took 7 days, one hour a piece for the length you’re trying to save. I was happy when I finished though!”

When asked what is the biggest thing that locs need, she said that the scalp is where to start. “You need to get a good product that addresses buildup and itchy scalp. If things are not getting better, don’t hesitate to see a dermatologist. When I had locs I had  a second bout of alopecia. Don’t ignore the signs. Pay attention to your hair and scalp, keeping it oiled, wash it regularly, and be gentle to your hair—even a deep conditioning  will help.”

As far as product no-nos, she says that beeswax is still a big one. “I still have people who come in looking for beeswax. Products that are really waxy are way too heavy for hair. Locs need moisturizers, like natural loc butters—lighter, loc twist butters. Products that are too heavy and waxy you should stay away from.”

Her shop’s biggest sellers: Honey Lock Love Loc Starter by My Honey Child, Zuresh Loc and Twist butter, Zuresh Clarify me Shampoo, and for an itchy scalp, Rebirth, a hair tonic which gives hair what it yearns for. There’s also Sofia’s Herbal Mixture by My Honey Child, as a leave-in for itchy scalps.

Zailaa and PaulaPaula has a Ph.D. in psychology and has dealt with the issues of people of color. Hair is one and more than one would think. Hair is tied to self worth and how women view themselves.

She is following in her mother’s footsteps, who also owned a beauty supply. “I went after other passions and always knew I wanted to come back. I wanted to meet the needs of those who wear natural hair and open a place where people could talk about their unique concerns as well.”

Five Friendly Tips for Persons with Locs:

  • Consult an expert/loctician for a realistic regimen that works for you; what are your goals? Length? Modern styles? Just neat enough for work?
  • Don’t retwist too often; retwisting every four to six weeks is a good routine.
  • Headties/scarves are your locs’ good friends; Tendrils and Curls recommends Loc Socs.
  • Wash hair regularly; but pay attention to your scalp’s needs; if your scalp becomes incessantly itchy, it may be time for a wash. (Tendrils and Curls recommends Zuresh’s Clarify Me shampoo, which is also safe for chemically treated hair because of its pH balancing formula).
  • Keep scalp oiled, but not to the point of extreme oiliness. (Tendrils and Curls offers a variety of scalp friendly products and twist/loc products.)

gail1‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

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