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Hope that you are enjoying your September. Here’s a letter that came in my inbox that I’m happy to answer…

I am in the Washington, DC area. I have had my consult about locking my natural hair. It is time, but I do not like the shrinkage of my natural hair (Still working on that part of my acceptance of my love affair of natural hair). However I discovered your online family and have been reading non-stop. I am doing research on the Yarn/genie locs phenomenon. I want to loc my hair and then add the genie locs on to help it along. My request for help comes in looking for someone in the DC/MD/VA area that specializes in the 2 processes.

Is it a good idea, or not? I am hungry for knowledge. If I don’t get help soon, I will either cut it all off or go back to the dreaded “creamy”. I won’t even say the rest of the word. That is an absolute LAST resort.

genie-locsGenie Locs are a great way to let your hair rest and grow and to try locs out at the length you desire. They are truly instant locs. Loose hair is palm rolled and wrapped with yarn. The other process involves braiding the hair with yarn. Moisturizing is important to keep your hair at optimal health. These are temporary, however, but the result is a head full of length that look and feel like natural locs. In my research, one loctician recommended genie locs for that in-between period of when comb coils go through that “messy” stage right before your natural hair starts to lock.

I found two hair braiders in your area that can do the yarn braids: Obsession by Maria in Silver Spring, MD (240-413-4593) and Bamba’s Hair Braiding in Richmond, VA (804-745-2062). Check out each for what you’re looking for in genie locs. It’s a start, and I will continue to look out for more. Good luck on your natural hair and loc  journey.

gail1‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

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3 thoughts on “More locs Q&A

  1. When you chose to loc your hair, you chose the freedom in all its forms. In your research prior to locking you find out that your locs will go through roughly 4 stages including the dreaded “ugly phase” when your hair does whatever it wants and becomes difficult to tame. Shrinkage is a huge part of it.
    All these phases are part of the journey and going through them is part of learning to know and appreciate the beauty of your hair.
    Pictures of locs falling down to your waist are the result of up to 10 years of love and it takes going through all that and then some.

    Please be patient and learn whatever your hair is going thru right now and don’t take a shortcut, you’ll miss an exciting part of your journey. Between the 6 and 18 month- mark of my own journey, my locks were so swollen up that I wondered if they would ever go back to normal. I let them be and before I knew it, they had grown longer and much thinner.

    Everything happens in its due time, the length you’re craving for will be there before you know it and please erase the words “creamy crack” from your vocab. You’re in heaven already and you want to go back to Earth? Please no!

    Locs are a labour of love and only time will deliver the expected result, leave them alone and forget them for a while. You’ll see!

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