Steam for locs!

Courtesy Dr. Kari Williams, Mahogany Hair Revolution Salon

Courtesy Dr. Kari Williams, Mahogany Hair Revolution Salon

The Huetiful Steamer is a great way to keep your locs moisturized, which is probably one of the biggest problems that loc wearers have.

There are two things to focus on when maintaining the health of your locs:

1. Hydration

2. Moisture

HYDRATION. Dry locs need hydration. The human body is 70% water; a healthy strand of hair is 10% water. No water or hydration will result in brittle, dry locs. The end result of hair that isn’t properly hydrated is that it can break off or lack the luster or shine that you desire.


MOISTURE. Secondly, you have to ensure that you’ve restored the proper amount of oil to your hair. The scalp naturally secretes oil. The challenge with locs is that it is often difficult for those oils secreted from the sebaceous glands to travel down the hair shaft and over hair.

To steam moisturize locs, apply oil to locs (like coconut oil). Pin up locs. Sit under the Huetiful steamer until locs are moisturized. How does it work? Steam lifts the cuticles of each hair strand and allows conditioners to deeply penetrate, resulting in soft, supple locs.

The steamer is a bit pricey, $116.95, but it’s the cost of some loc maintenance appointments. Available at

gail1‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
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