Exotic loc styles

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Here’s another style gallery full of loc versatility for you. Mohawk locs. Color. Updos. Shine. With the holidays around the corner, these styles are sure to rock the party. Just a pre-holiday card from Loc’d Life.

African princess
Loc jewelry and color is what sets this style apart. A “huetiful” array of metals accentuate the color.

Fifties glamour
Locs can go retro too. This short style is pinned toward the back at the crown for a spiky, yet glamourous look.

Blonde bombshell
Nothing turns heads faster than blonde locs. Get ready for glow time with this simple look.

Pomp and circumstance
A variation of this pompadour style can be achieved by twisting long locs into one flat twist towards the front, wrapping the twist around the front and crown and securing the ends by tucking them into bands around the base and sides. A great style for those  in-between salon visits.

Curly undo
It’s amazing what curls and a few pins can do. This curly scluplted look stands out in the crowd.

Red rose ‘hawk
Hair is twisted into sections towards the center and pinned up into an flower accessory in the front, pinned in the middle, left to hang loose towards the back, with a braid at the nape.

Structured ‘hawk
Locs are flat-twisted towards the center, secured with a rubber band, then rolled backwards and secured, section by section.

Short and versatile
Short locs are twisted upwards and pinned up towards the crown in this stunner.

Loc ‘Hawk
Locs are flat-twisted upwards towards the center in this loc hawk. Small rubberbands hold the resulting style together. Notice the beautiful color variations.

The Library
This style was so nice we had to feature it twice. This can be achieved by flat twisting locs to the side with the front hanging loose and off to the side for drama. aduru salon

By the way, last week’s post forgot to have an active link for Laurence Pommells work. Here it is again and happy shopping. Accessorize these looks with his jewelry! dragonfaiyakreations.com

gail1‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

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