Moisture tips for locs

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Now that we’re headed into the dryer winter months, Loc’d Life’s roundup of tips to keep dryness at bay is what you’ll need to get through the cold.

  1. Try a moisture mist. A good moisture mist adds moisture to dry, thirsty locs. Spray lightly, and do not saturate. Spray just enough to add some moisture. One to try: Chatto Aloe Moisture Mist.
  2. Get a good oil. Coconut oil moisturizes like no other oil when it comes to dryness.
  3. Tie your locs up at night. Nothing dries out locs more than the friction between locs and cotton sheets. Get a Loc Soc or silky scarf to cover locs.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Water inside and out is a must.
  5. Eat right. Your locs will tell on you if you are not eating right. Eat plenty of salmon, walnuts, and spinach,  All of these help circulate the oils that keep your locs hydrated. The omega-3 acid in salmon and walnuts is found in sebum, your hair’s natural oils.
  6. Shampoo and condition regularly. Water on your locs and scalp helps moisturize, too.
  7. Do nourishing hot oil treatments. Locs love hot oil treatments because of all the moisture they bring.
  8. If locs are color-treated, really do all of the above. Color dries out locs. It’s essential to keep locs moisturized if they are color-treated.

gail1‘Till next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine

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