More locs in the media

Locs are becoming more mainstream everyday, and images in advertisements only help make them so. Here’s a few of the memorable ads I’ve seen out there…


Weight Watchers Online
This banner ad features a woman who wears locs who lost 100 pounds. What beauty and she wears locs so well.

amtrak_locsTwo professionals talking on the train equals an image boost for locs. Amtrak deserves kudos for this classic ad.

Christian Dior Fragrances
This ad heats up the fragrance market with a sexy image for locs. You can feel the heat with this ad!


Twists and Locs Hair products
This fascinating image has a woman transitioning from braids to locs. Let the transformation begin.

This ad features gray locs in a positive light.screen-shot-2011-10-09-at-2-20-13-pm

We need more of these images in the media so that those who wear locs face less opposition at work and out in the world in general. These images show our diversity, our uniqueness, and our beauty.

‘TIll next time,
Gail Mitchell
Loc’d Life Magazine


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